We Do..

You can't go wrong with a classic!

Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Bubblegum or Strawberry.

For a little extra yum try adding one of our delicious sauces or toppings. 

If you're feeling decadent why not try one of our deluxe hot chocolates, available in a variety of flavours, or just good old fashioned chocolate! Perfect for those cold winter days!

With 70 blends to choose from there are literally thousands of different combinations (if you choose a mahoosive 3 blend shake there are 1.6 million!). Choose from your favourite chocolate bars, biscuits or sweets and have them blended into our regular milkshakes for the ultimate in bespoke deliciousness!

Maybe you just want a chocolate bar or cookie,a can of pop, or even a scoop or two of our delicious ice cream? We've got you covered. There will also be daily specials on the counter. 

We take our in-house special fruit juice and blend it with a variety of berries and fruits to create the ultimate smoothies!

Choose  from Snowberry Storm, Mango Dream, Pineapple Sunset or Jungle Juice.

We also sell a selection of teas and coffees for when you need a little caffeine injection for your day.